My name is Samuelle, I am a self-taught artist, based in Montreal.

Q: When did you start painting and what inspired you?

A: I started taking it more seriously around spring 2018. I got inspired to pursue my art because of my uncle, who is an amazing artist, and mentor. His name is Steven Spazuk, maybe you’ve heard of him, he paints with fire.


Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

A: Being introspective, I go deep into myself, find something, observe it, and try to put that thing on canvas.


Q: Describe the process of your work.

A: The minute I had let go of the fear of making a mistake, I really started to discover something interesting. The way that worked for me was to meditate before starting any paintings. I would then put a piece of music that evoked an emotion in me, and let the paint run freely with lines, dots and shapes on the canvas. I would then look at it with all of its imperfections. I try to find beauty in them, that’s kind of a way to make peace with it. I then look for a portrait, often of women, that I could marry to that emotion and superposed it on the paint by drawing it with graphite. I refer to this in past tense, because as I continue in that direction my work evolved. I find a way to go inward as I draw and paint, and that in itself, became my meditation. I now draw or paint a figure, most of the time portraits and then play with my lines, my dots, and what became my own language of symbols… By inversing the process, I regained control over what I really want to bring the attention to.


Q: How do you connect with your art? With your audience?

A: Every artwork I make is a little part of me. When I look at it, it brings me back to a story, a feeling, a memory... I hope it can trigger the same in people. 



Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I love to write poems, I find a lot of inspiration in them. I keep a daily thoughts and dream journal beside my bed, every time I have an idea I write it down. I love to observe people as well, behaviors, interactions. I’m fascinated with the human psyche. Fun fact, inspiration comes to me lot in the shower, I can’t explain why! 



Q: What is your favorite canvas to work on and why? 

A: I love paper for when I draw with colored pencil or graphite. But recently, I’ve been working on wood panels and I love the way I can explore more mediums on them. Another cool thing about it, you don’t have to frame it. 


Q: What are you trying to convey through your painting?

A: I would say mainly a feeling, a humanity connection of some sort. For example; I love to paint strong looking women, that look fierce, so it can empower other women. Or someone getting undressed, to express the beauty in vulnerability.



Q: Do you have a favorite piece or art, or artist? 

A: One of my favorite artist is Heather Day. I love the innocent touch that flows freely into her work and the way she’s able to transmit movements and nature essence.



Q: What is your ultimate goal regarding your art?

A: Ultimately, it would be to make a living from my art. That’s the dream! 

(This interview was made by GenerationMTL)

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